Bentonville Heights

Bentonville Heights is a quaint neighborhood located in the heart of Bentonville, AR. With lush, rolling hills and winding paths throughout, these neighborhoods offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Residents enjoy easy access to downtown restaurants, shops and entertainment venues which add to the charm of living within this community. The neighborhood prides itself on its people – from families who have lived here for generations to those newcomers who have recently joined – all connected by a strong bond of neighborly good will. Whether it’s sharing a cup of sugar or helping out an elderly neighbor, residents maintain an atmosphere so hospitable that many call Bentonville Heights home for decades.


Bentonville Heights is a thriving neighborhood. According to the latest census data, it is home to 10,425 people, with a median age of 34.8 and a median household income of $79,755. This up-and-coming area has seen significant demographic changes since the turn of the century, witnessed by its population having grown by over 200% in that time. The racial and ethnic composition has changed too, with whites making up 66.3%, Hispanics at 8.2%, African Americans at 21.5%, Asians at 2.9% and those of mixed descent at 1%. These figures are significantly different from what existed in 2000 when almost 90% of the area was white and Hispanic residents comprised less than 5%. With all this change and growth, Bentonville Heights looks set to continue its vibrant contributions to Bentonville for years to come.


Bentonville Heights is an up-and-coming neighborhood with a strong focus on education. With a good selection of charter and public schools nearby, the residents of Bentonville Heights are committed and involved in providing their children with excellent educational opportunities. From early childhood programs such as Montessori and Head Start, to parent-teacher participation and high school pathways for college preparation, the quality of education here remains top notch. With new developments also taking place in surrounding neighborhoods, Bentonville Heights will continue to be a great destination for those seeking an active community filled with passionate people who prioritize educating their kids.


Bentonville Heights is a vibrant neighborhood. It offers the perfect way to explore all that Bentonville has to offer, with its close proximity to the local farmer’s markets, parks, restaurants and shops. Plus, it boasts an expansive network of biking trails that make exploring nature in the area easy. There’s no shortage of activities for visitors here! After visiting the Farmer’s Market or taking part in a bike ride, tourists can check out some of the amazing restaurants, like Pieholic Pizza & Grill and Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar. Both offer a unique dining experience packed with flavor and fun. With tons of activities and points of interest, Bentonville Heights makes for an exciting destination for anybody looking to enjoy the best sights and delicacies of Arkansas.

Overall, Bentonville Heights is a vibrant and desirable neighborhood. It offers easy access to shopping, restaurants and attractions. There’s a great variety of residential homes available in the area, ranging from craftsman-style bungalows to larger executive home-sites with plenty of space for an active family lifestyle. With its friendly people, community amenities and wonderful scenery, this is an area that you will want to call home.

In addition, if you are looking for a great place to live and work, Highfill is an excellent neighborhood to consider. With prime location just minutes from the vibrant downtown area, you’ll gain convenience without sacrificing your peace and quiet. There are numerous walking paths stretching throughout the entire neighborhood with plenty of green spaces where residents can enjoy time outdoors. If safety is a priority, you’ll be glad to know that Highfill has low crime rates and an excellent public school system nearby. If you’re seeking a lively atmosphere or just need access to stores, restaurants and other amenities for day-to-day needs, there’s plenty within walking distance so you don’t have to worry about going too far from your home. All in all, Highfill is a wonderful area filled with friendly people and plenty of attractions that make it well worth considering when deciding on a place to call home.

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