Pedestrian Accidents

6 Things You Should Know About Pedestrian Accidents in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the most dangerous states in America to be a walker. We most always rank in the top 10 for pedestrian deaths. Generally, the law favors the walker, but only sometimes. Here are 6 things you need to know about the law in Arkansas.


1. Even if you think you are at fault, you may still collect.

Arkansas is different than some states. We have a system where if you are less than 50% at fault, you can still be given money for your injuries. Your percentage of blame will reduce the amount. The fight over that percentage is one of the major reasons you need a lawyer. Remember, you want more than just your medical bills covered. You need to be compensated for pain and suffering, loss of work, and future losses, to name just a few of your damages.


2. Generally, the law is on the side of the pedestrian … except when it is not.

Arkansas has a law that states a motorist must look out to avoid colliding with a pedestrian at an intersection or on a roadway. So, if you cross at an intersection, obey the lights and signs, and especially if you are in a crosswalk, you have done everything our state requires, and the blame is probably on the driver. However, if there is no crosswalk, Arkansas says you must yield to the vehicles. People often ask me if they can cross in the middle of the block. Well, legally, this is tough. The driver is responsible for not hitting you, but you must watch out for any cars.


3. Most pedestrian accidents are because of the driver.

The 3 major reasons for walkers being hit are because either the car driver was distracted, the driver was impaired (think alcohol or drugs), or the driver was speeding. Let me mention one other thing, as a pedestrian, you need to be especially careful about cars running red lights. It happens far too often. You may be legally in the right, but that can be of little comfort when tangling with a piece of metal weighing thousands of pounds.


4. Arkansas law requires car insurance covering pedestrians.

Our state specifically says pedestrians injured in a wreck can receive medical payments of up to $5,000. They are also entitled to income benefits of up to $140 a week for up to a year. This law also has an accidental death benefit.


5. You can collect from more than the driver.

If you are hit, it is obvious that you might try to collect from the driver, but there may be others to blame. We often look at the owners of other vehicles, those responsible for the maintenance of the roads, and this surprises many clients, the driver’s employer.


6. Arkansas has some special laws that can impact your case.

Did you know that the top speed in any residential area is 30 MPH? Did you know that a driver must remain stopped while a walker gets through the entire crosswalk? Did you know Arkansas law requires drivers to use due care not to collide with the elderly or handicapped? Plus, there are special school zone laws. These are just some of the reasons you need an experienced Arkansas lawyer.

Get Medical Care

The major thing you can do to help your case is get medical attention. Even if you initially think your injuries are minor, you will need evaluation by a medical professional. If you wait too long, it will look like you were not hurt that severely.


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