Catastrophic Injuries

6 Things Every Arkansan Should Know About Their Serious Injury.

In Arkansas, these injuries are usually referred to as catastrophic injuries. They are injuries that create great trauma or lasting impairment.

1. Do You Have a Case?

There are 3 vital questions to establishing a case: 1) are you injured, 2) is there someone at fault, and 3) does the at-fault person or company have the ability to pay for your recovery and compensate you for your losses? In reality, you will know if you have a case once you talk to an attorney. At Horton Law, that call is always FREE.

2. Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

Here are some of the most common: spinal cord injuries, TBI (traumatic brain injury), limb amputations, severe burns, facial disfigurement or scarring, and wrongful death (death caused by someone’s action).

3. Three Specific Injuries
Brain Injury

Because of the wide variety of difficulties that may arise from a brain injury, it is one of the most devastating human injuries. Many victims have long-term repercussions that might substantially impede their ability to conduct everyday tasks regularly. There are two forms of traumatic brain injuries: open and closed. When the brain shifts and hits the skull, it is considered a closed injury, but when an outside force hits the skull, it is considered an open injury. The severity of symptoms is often proportional to how trauma affects the brain.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries may have a terrible impact on the victim’s life. The spinal column links the brain to the rest of the body, enabling nerve impulses to relay sensory data and coordinate movement. The sufferer of a spinal injury may lose all sensation and motion in their body. Patients with a spinal cord injury may lose the ability to move or feel below the site of the damage, depending on the degree of the injury.

Burn Injury

Burns are classified as first-, second-, or third-degree depending on the intensity and depth of the injury. Severe burn injuries often result in serious skin damage, breathing issues, deformity, and mental distress. Skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, and rehabilitation therapy are standard treatments for second and third-degree injuries.

4. What Are the Common Causes?

Although a catastrophic injury may occur in any event, the following are some of the most common: injuries on unsafe premises, trucking accidents, vehicle accidents, construction accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

5. Getting Money to Get Better

.Proving an individual or company caused your injury is perhaps the most challenging aspect of any case. It is the key to getting you the money you need. Since no one will pay if they don’t have to, we will gather the required evidence while you concentrate on getting better.

In most cases, the amount of money demanded is based on these categories:

Medical Expenses

Victims of catastrophic injury claims can seek reimbursement for medical expenditures. Note that medical treatment may continue for years. Our experienced lawyers can assist in estimating those future expenses.

Lost Wages

This claim might include any lost work time due to the injury and any future earning potential. Some clients cannot go back to their former jobs. Our attorneys’ expertise is essential in choosing the appropriate amount to seek.

Consortium Loss

The spouse of an accident victim might seek compensation for the loss of intangible parts of a marriage, such as love, comfort, companionship, and a sexual connection.

Suffering and Pain

Catastrophic injuries often result in more extensive misery and agony. Payment for these damages can be significantly higher than the medical bills alone.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are awarded to discourage extremely egregious or hazardous conduct from happening in the future. Though rare in most personal injury cases, they can be substantial.

6. Prepare for Your Future

Those people involved in serious injury usually have financial needs long into the future. The amount of money you get must last you. Predicting those needs and getting you the money to cover them requires a unique set of knowledge and skill that we at Horton Law have proven over and over. We can also advise you on how to make that money last.

Contact Horton Law immediately if you or a loved one has experienced a devastating injury. Our skilled lawyers will offer you the assistance and support you need during this stressful time. We understand the financial, physical, and emotional toll catastrophic injuries impose, and we are here to assist you.

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