Class Actions

6 Things You Need to Know About Class Action Claims

Simply, a class action case is when you join other people with similar injuries to fight together. It is one of the only ways an individual can successfully fight a large corporation. To ensure everyone is treated fairly, the final result is always overseen by a judge.


1. There is power in numbers

By combining with other injured people, you can combine your resources and split costs, so you put more money in your pocket. Many class action cases can cost millions of dollars in expert testimony, reenactments, and other expenses. Without the help of other victims, it is unlikely that any one person could mount a successful fight.


2. Having a local attorney you can meet with doesn’t cost one penny more

Most class action cases cover the entire nation, and it is easy for your case to get lost in an out-of-state law firm. However, having an Arkansas attorney will give you the personal attention you need. With a local attorney, you can sit down in our office and discuss what is happening. We work with other attorneys, but that never costs you more than just having one lawyer. Also, there is no money out of your pocket. We take lawyer fees out of the money paid by the wrongdoer.


3. If one wins, everyone wins

If a payout is approved by the court, you will receive something. This may not be the situation if you sue individually. The reality of corporate life is that the business would likely file bankruptcy or just run out of money before all the lawsuits are settled.



4. You don’t have to join a class action lawsuit

You can proceed with a normal personal injury case. We will advise you on what we think is in your best interest. Our experience has been that the cost of pursuing a claim is the same if one person pays, or the cost is shared with hundreds, if not thousands, of other victims.


5. If you join a class action lawsuit, you give up the right to sue alone

Like any personal injury case, you have one shot at resolving this matter. If the class action is unsuccessful, you cannot return and try again as an individual. Remember, your lawyers are putting the money upfront to develop your case with no payback if it fails. It is rare to invest that much money without a good chance of succeeding.


6. A local attorney will make sure you get your money

When a settlement is reached, your induvial case could get lost in a big firm. That doesn’t happen locally. We get paid when you get paid, so we are motivated to stay on top of the payout. I have known of cases where people simply do not send the settlement forms back to those out-of-state law firms. We will knock on your door if we have to.


Go local.


Horton Law is experienced in navigating the complicated class action cases that affect the people of Arkansas. You can rely on our decades of experience to help guide you and your family.


We pride ourselves on our successful outcomes. We really do want to help you. Remember, you can always talk to us for free. Give us a call now.

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