Dog Bites

6 Things About Dog Bites In Arkansas

There is no statewide law about dog bites in Arkansas. Each city or county has its own. This legal inconsistency can make a dog bite case very difficult.


1. In Arkansas, owners are responsible for their dog’s actions – except when they are not.

The confusion comes because a local area may have stricter laws than the state. The state says if you had no previous knowledge that your dog is a biter, the dog gets one free bite. But once you know of this tendency, you are responsible for any damage. Some areas of Arkansas do not see it that way. Those areas assume a dog will bite, and the owner must take precautions or pay up. In almost all areas of our state, the one-bite rule may be thrown out if the dog has displayed previous aggressive behavior.


2. If hurt by an animal, seek medical treatment.

You will need the evidence of a medical professional as proof of your injuries. Plus, just for your safety, you need immediate treatment. Remember, the burden is on you to prove you were truly injured. The court will not order payment just on your word.


3. Notify Animal Control

In Arkansas, you must report any bite or attack so government officials can test the dog for rabies. This testing helps ensure the safety of others in our community. Failure to do so breaks the law and complicates your case.


4. Dog bites can cause more than pain.

You can receive money to cover problems such as infections, scarring and disfigurement, psychological trauma, nerve damage, broken bones, and torn ligaments.


5. If the animal is off a leash, your chance of collecting is greater.

The reason is that violation of an area’s leash laws is almost always considered negligence by the dog owner. However, Arkansas does not have a statewide leash law, so a lot depends on the part of the state you get attacked.


6. You have limited time to file a dog bite claim.

Generally, you have 3 years from the date of your injury though special considerations can be made for injured children. The state does not impose any time limit if the person is mentally incapacitated or has learning difficulties.



Dog bites are a serious issue and require immediate attention. Horton Law has years of experience in these cases and will fight for you. With Horton Law, you are never alone. We will navigate the complicated legal process while you concentrate on getting better.


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