Car Accidents

6 Things Every Arkansan Should Know About Their Car Wreck

1. Hire a Real Arkansas Car Wreck Attorney

Don’t be fooled. Many lawyers advertise that they handle personal injuries when the bulk of their practice is family law, bankruptcy, or criminal law. You wouldn’t let a knee doctor operate on your heart, and you should be wary of allowing a divorce lawyer to handle your accident claim. Bill Horton had been doing 99% personal injury work for over two decades and has the results to prove it.

2. It Is All About the Money – To You

MYTH: The person who injured you is responsible for paying your damages out of pocket.

FACT: Most people don’t like the idea of suing someone to get the compensation they are entitled to. That’s what the Insurance companies are banking on. When we file a claim- we are going after an insurance company- NOT an individual. Why? That is where the money is for you to get better. Most people could not write a check to cover your medical bills, let alone compensate you for your pain and lost wages- that’s why the State makes us all carry insurance.

Here is the problem, insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible, and they will fight vigorously to save every dime. That’s why you need an experienced attorney fighting to get you every penny you deserve.

3. Legal Claims are complex

The law involving traffic accidents in Arkansas can be confusing. Phrases like negligence, product liability, road design defects, and wrongful death can be challenging to understand and prove.

  • Will my health insurance pay my medical bills?
  • Do I have to pay my health insurance back for my medical bills?
  • Can I collect depreciation on my wrecked vehicle?
  • Am I entitled to a rental car?
  • Am I entitled to lost wages and future medical bills?

These are just a few of the complex issues that arise in even a minor accident. At Horton Law Firm, we have experience in all these areas and have handle thousands of these types of claims.

4. Don’t Leave Money Unclaimed

Did you rent a car once yours was damaged? You deserve that money back. At Horton Law, we want you reimbursed for every expense – property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and so much more. Plus, get the money to cover future medical costs. Here is the shocking truth – once you accept an offer, that is all the money you will get. There is no going back for more. You need a lawyer with the experience to anticipate your needs and demand they pay up now.

5. Grab the evidence when the grabbing is good

Witnesses can disappear, and cars can be junked. Video evidence is often erased in a few days. We immediately jump in to save the evidence that can prove your case. If you wait, it may just be your word against the other guy. Horton Law firm has investigators on staff to preserve all evidence immediately after an accident.

6. Get medical treatment

You want to be seen by a medical professional as soon as you are hurt. Those medical records are essential in getting you maximum dollars. If you try to “tough it out,” chances are a judge, jury, or insurance adjuster would think you are not that seriously hurt.

At Horton Law, ALL consultations are FREE, and we only get paid if we recover money for you. We advance all costs on your case, and you never pay us a dime out of your pocket.

If you have any questions, we’ll help you find answers. Let our experience protect your rights to the full and fair compensation you deserve. Call Horton Law for a Free Legal Consultation at 888-822-6011 or fill out a Free Consultation Form.

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