Bentonville West

Bentonville West is a desirable neighborhood near Bentonville, Arkansas that is close to several great amenities. It is located within easy access to I-49, making it a great place to call home for those who need a quick drive around town. As well as having convenient access to highways, the area holds many retail stores and restaurants so you will never run out of things to do. And with its quality schools and its close proximity to hospitals, it’s perfect for family living. Adding on to the wonderful experience is its thriving community; whether by taking part in organized sports leagues or joining suburban festivities such as 4th of July celebrations, you can easily enjoy life as a resident of Bentonville West.


Bentonville West, a vibrant neighborhood, is home to a diverse group of people from all walks of life. According to the most recent census data, this neighborhood has an average household size of 2.97 family members. The population is 49.4% female and 50.6% male with a median age of 32 years old. Additionally, 83% of the people living in Bentonville West are white and 17% are from other racial or ethnic backgrounds such as African American, Asian American, and Hispanic American. The primary language spoken by 57.7% of the population is English while the remaining 42.3% use one or several languages other than English in their daily lives. In addition to its demographic variations, Bentonville West also offers plenty of attractions such as art galleries and parks as well as shopping centers and dining spots for residents to enjoy. All these factors combine to make Bentonville West one of the most unique neighborhoods in Arkansas!


The education opportunities in Bentonville West are plentiful, offering an array of choice schools to parents and guardians. Within just a few miles, the students of the neighborhood can choose from public and private education, as well as other options such as charter schools and homeschooling. Parents in Bentonville West are reassured knowing that there are a variety of different schooling options available to their children so they can receive high quality education tailored to their needs. Not only do these options provide more selection, but also give parents and guardians increased control over their child’s educational development. It is no wonder why Bentonville West consistently scores among the highest on standardized test scores throughout the state of Arkansas.


Bentonville West is a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood. It contains a mixture of amenities such as museums, parks, restaurants, and shops, all of which have made it an attractive stop for tourists looking to explore the area. The Crystal Bridges Museum, located in the heart of Bentonville West, features art from the past five centuries alongside various educational and immersive experiences that contribute to its reputation as an important cultural hub. Other attractions include the Walton’s Five & Dime store – established in 1945 by Walmart founder Sam Walton – which offers quaint artifacts related to the Walmart brand. With its many activities like whitewater rafting, scenic canoe trips or rustic camping excursions nearby west Bentonville has become a popular ‘outdoorsy’ tourist destination as well. From fine dining options to outdoor adventures and much more in between there’s something for everyone when visiting west Bentonville making this neighborhood one of Arkansas top destinations for locals and tourists alike.

Overall, Bentonville West is a desirable neighborhood with its close proximity to downtown and lively community. It has all the ingredients for a great place to live: recreational facilities including a baseball complex, two parks, walking trails and more; highly rated schools; access to shopping and restaurants; and beautiful views of the surrounding Ozark Mountains. With this premier combination of features, it is no surprise that so many residents call Bentonville West home.

In addition, if you are looking for a central, safe, and vibrant neighborhood, then Cornerstone Ridge is the place to be! Nestled between bustling Pecan Street and Willow Street, this thriving part of town has something for everyone. You can take advantage of nearby parks or sports fields, shopping centers and marketplaces, or enjoy the walkable paths for a leisurely stroll. Along with these amenities, families will benefit from excellent schools and local businesses that create an ideal atmosphere for both parents and children alike. If you’re looking for a great place to call home in Bentonville, AR look no further than Cornerstone Ridge.

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