Museum of Native American History

A visit to the Museum of Native American History near Bentonville, Arkansas offers a unique trip through history. Featuring an extensive collection of artifacts, this museum is the perfect destination for anyone looking to gain insight into the culture and heritage of North America’s native peoples. Here, you’ll find authentic tools and weapons crafted by ancient cultures as well as objects used in everyday life such as basketry and clothing. Additionally, a variety of exhibits provide fascinating information about the native tribes that once inhabited this land. From stories of traditional beliefs and customs to displays showing how European settlers influenced their way of life, visitors gain a greater appreciation for the significant traditions left behind by these early Americans.

What To Do

A trip to the Museum of Native American History is sure to be an educational and enjoyable experience. With displays on a wide range of topics, from Potawatomi settlement and tribal culture to present-day life for Native Americans, there is sure to be something for every visitor. Artifacts from hundreds of years ago can be found in the Artifact Mega Collections, while multimedia experiences provide unique visual connections with the past. Fun and interactive learning activities can also be enjoyed at the museum’s Children’s Explore Center. There are even live demonstrations by Native Americans who are eager to share their culture with visitors. No matter what your interests may be, you will find something fascinating when visiting the Museum of Native American History.


The Museum of Native American History is a must-visit for anyone interested in learning about the culture and history of America’s first people. The museum offers a diverse range of displays, artifacts, and interactive exhibits that immerse visitors in the lives of Native Americans from pre-colonial times up to the present day. From hands-on activities like pottery and ivory carving to extensive collections of tools, artwork, sculptures and uniforms representing various tribes’ traditional dress, there is something for everyone at this museum. In addition to facilitating an understanding and appreciation of Native American history and culture throughout time, the museum also features engaging monthly events like family movie nights as well as daily activities such as storytelling for children.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the Museum of Native American History you’re guaranteed to get a unique and wonderful learning experience. You will be taken on a journey through ancient artifacts, historic objects, and interactive exhibits that transport visitors through centuries of Native American history. From traditional stories passed down through many generations to modern artwork created by contemporary native artists, the museum has something for everyone. When you plan your visit, consider checking out the resource center for creative activities and knowledge about Native Americans and the history of their customs and traditions. In addition, special programs are hosted throughout the year with guest speakers like Thomas Jefferson, Sacagawea, Geronimo and more. There’s no shortage of ways to gain insight into this remarkable culture!

Overall, the Museum of Native American History is a unique and educational experience. With more than 25,000 square-feet of interactive exhibits from Native Americans all across North America, visitors can explore ancient artifacts and discover the rich cultures and customs of many different tribes. Visitors can observe detailed scenes set up to resemble the homes of the Indigenous peoples of this area, as well as listen to their stories in interpretive talks by knowledgeable staff throughout the museum’s galleries. From viewing ancient pottery and digging tools to experiencing life-sized settings depicting aspects of native lives including artifacts, homes, and artwork; every visit creates an enlightening perspective into this vast history. Whether you live nearby or are visiting from out of town, the Museum of Native American History is an incredible place to gain deeper insight into these enduring cultures that have shaped our environment today.

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