Why Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you’re facing criminal accusations, the last thing you want to do is speak to the cops or represent yourself in court. As a result, one of the most critical measures you can take after your arrest is hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Criminal defense counsel is essential for those with significant and minor crimes, ranging from DUI to murder to white-collar crimes. A lawyer may meet with you to discuss your criminal charge, defend your legal rights while your case is ongoing, and thoroughly explain your legal choices. They may also actively represent you in any criminal court proceedings.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

If you have been arrested and are awaiting your trial date, the police and prosecutors will not be helpful. In truth, it is not their responsibility. They will try everything in their power to induce you to say anything harmful to your case. If a police officer or investigator begins asking you about the charge, you must immediately establish your right to legal counsel’s attendance. We may be there with you – in person or over the phone – throughout any police interrogation, protecting your legal rights and ensuring that you do not say anything damaging to your case.

Forming a Legal Defense Against Your Charge

To condemn you, the prosecution must prove all of the legal components of the accusation beyond a reasonable doubt – or a reasonable question based on common sense and ordinary reason. As the defendant in a lawsuit, you are not required to meet any legal burden. In truth, you are not required to prove anything in your case, nor are you required to enter the witness stand and testify at trial. However, presenting a legal defense to your criminal accusation may prevent the prosecution from proving one or more legal aspects of the crime.

You may be able to present one or more legal defenses in court, depending on your pending criminal charge(s). Among the most prevalent defenses are the following:

Alibi: This suggests you were someplace else during the claimed incident.

Self-defense: It indicates that in a murder, battery, or assault case, the other person was the original aggressor – and that you only used force proportional to the aggressor’s power against you.

Mistaken identity: This means that the accused crime was committed by someone else.

Lack of possession: In drug cases, you were unaware that narcotics were in the area where the police discovered them and, as a result, did not possess them.

Lack of intent: You did not have the requisite intent to conduct the alleged offense.

You Are Represented in Court

In addition, a professional criminal defense attorney may defend you in all judicial sessions in your criminal case. You want an attorney with a track record of success dealing with criminal court prosecutors and knowing what they look for when reviewing a criminal case. They can assist you in securing a fair plea agreement depending on the facts of your upcoming case and your prior record. If you opt not to plead guilty to the underlying charge, they may defend you at trial and any further court hearings in your case.

Speak to a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Today

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